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von Flok

(9 Bewertungen)

The only automatic mobile loyalty solution on the market. flok connects merchants and their customers, powering lasting and rewarding relationships. With our easy-to-use online dashboard and unique mobile app, we provide small businesses with the ability to attract new customers and keep them coming back.

QR Loyalty Cards

QR Loyalty Cards

von QR Loyalty Cards

(1 Bewertung)

QR Loyalty Cards enables you to reward your customers for doing things that grow your business; not just the "Buy 10 Get 1 Free" behaviour that Punch Cards are able to encourage and reward. For instance, you can reward customers for coming regularly, or multiple times a day, for bringing friends, family and coworkers, for sharing your specials and events on Facebook or returning after a long absence. Try QR Loyalty Cards. It's easy, and you and your customers will Love it.



von Belly

(4 Bewertungen)

Belly is a leading digital loyalty and marketing solution with more than 12k business partners and 7 million members. Centered around the iPad, Belly businesses create customizable, unique rewards programs their customers actually want. Through digital connections, Belly strengthens the relationship between a business and its customer base. CRM tools like email marketing, data collection, social media integration and reputation management keep customers coming back more often.



von Anafore

(0 Bewertungen)

A loyalty punch card in your phone, with features to track repeat customers and acquire feedback.

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