Good, but There May be Better Options

Bewertet am 21.8.2018
Keith E.
Director of Communications Technology
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Kommentare: Overall, Callture is a good value. It is complex and confusing to use, and support is not a pleasant experience. Given how crowded this market is, there are likely better options for the money.

Vorteile: Callture has excellent tracking and automatic call recording, so it's an excellent solution for contact centers who need to record their calls. It's also great for quality assurance and even monitoring--it's hard to beat Callture if this is what you're looking for.

Nachteile: Callture's user interface is clunky and difficult to use. Once you select a number, it's not available until after their billing processes run, usually overnight. The only thing worse than their UI is their customer service--be prepared to talk with someone with a heavy accent who is unwilling to deviate from their script.