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Designed to exceed the needs of small practices, Practice Fusion is an easy-to-use EHR that makes e-prescribing and accessing patient charts from anywhere where there is internet, simple and secure.

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  • Practice Fusion
  • http://www.practicefusion.com/
  • Gegründet 2006

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Practice Fusion is the #1 cloud-based ambulatory EHR platform in the U.S. supporting over 20,000 medical practices in delivering better care to over 5 million patients a month. With a best-in-class satisfaction rate, Practice Fusion is committed to delivering intuitive and easy-to-use health IT solutions to independent medical practices.

Access on most any device, intuitive charting, seamless e-prescribing, integrated policy support, hundreds of lab and imaging connections. Try for free.

Practice Fusion Funktionen

  • Abrechnung & Rechnungsstellung
  • Drag & Drop
  • Kreditplanung
  • Medizinische Terminplanung
  • Mehrere Standorte
  • No-Show-Nachverfolgung
  • On-Call-Pläne
  • Patienten-Terminplanung
  • Patientenakten
  • Personal-Planung
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Terminverwaltung
  • Wiederkehrende Termine
  • Diagramm-Erstellung
  • E/M Kodierung
  • Elektronische Rezepte
  • HIPAA konform
  • Handschrifterkennung
  • ONC-ATCB zertifiziert
  • Patientenportal
  • Sinnvolle Nutzung zertifiziert
  • Sprach-Erkennung
  • Terminverwaltung
  • Fortschrittsverfolgung
  • Kollaboration
  • Mobiler Zugriff
  • Patientenportal
  • Patientenweiterbildung
  • Persönliche Gesundheitsakte
  • Pflegeplanung
  • Selbstorganisation
  • Terminplanung
  • Textnachrichtenversand
  • Drogenreferenz-Datenbank
  • EPCS
  • Elektronische Vorabgenehmigung (Electronic Prior Authorization)
  • Formelsammlung-Management
  • Klinische Meldungen
  • Medikamenten-Historie
  • Refill-Management
  • Rezept-Erneuerungen
  • Rezept-Stornierung

Die hilfreichsten Reviews für Practice Fusion

Not a Good Choice for Mental Health Professionals

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3 / 5
2 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
3 / 5
5 / 5

Kommentare: This software often felt way too busy and clunky for my needs. I started shopping for software specifically made for mental health. I test drove a bunch of new software programs. Simple Practice was my choice. It does everything I need at a price I can afford. It is also very simple and intuitive by design. I can accept credit cards and conduct HIPPA-secure tele-sessions through the site. They offered an easy way to do mental status exams and treatment plans. Not so in Practice Fusion.

Vorteile: It allowed me to use it at no charge for many years. This was helpful for me as a solo practitioner with high overhead costs.

Nachteile: This software is not built with mental health in mind. There is no way to customize the interface for the specific needs of my occupation. There were a lot of annoying pop-ups that I had to deal with that did not apply to mental health providers. The most frustrating thing was attempting to work with the calendar. It was impossible to review my schedule on my mobile phone because the calendar was not optimized for mobile. Another feature that did not work well was the client search feature. No matter how many times I would type in certain clients' names, the search box would not recognize or find the client. Also, there was no quick way to add a client unless I had all of the pertinent client data on hand. Most solo MH providers are wearing all of the "hats" in the practice and are trying to schedule new clients during the one or two minutes they have between sessions. Sometimes all we have to go by during that time is a name and contact number. My biggest complaint is that client data cannot be exported via CSV or Excel format. This is a big issue when you have to change software.

Benefits do NOT outweigh the risks

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4 / 5
2 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
1 / 5
3 / 5

Kommentare: Once your new user status is up, and the likelihood of you switching EHR's is very low, there will be no support, and no accountability. With ever changing regulations, payer policies, clinical guidelines, drugs and technologies on market, certification requirements and on and on, do you really need to worry about how your EMR is going to force another change on your practice and livelihood.

Vorteile: simplistic design, customizable templates, integrated calendar that answering service can use for scheduling, used to be free

Nachteile: Labs do not get attached to referrals. As a Nephrologist immersed in lab results, this is a key function for me! When remedy ticket is created, the representative talks in circles, sometimes taking a week to reply. One rep finally acknowledged this was a known issue. One year later, I contacted cust service to request a full data extraction to migrate to another EHR. Same run around. Tried the live chat, no one came to chat, not even a chatbot. Tried the service phone line. Following prompts for "patients and providers with accounts", the recording directs patients to their providers, then disconnects without even addressing provider issues. Tried a different prompt on customer service line, placed on hold by recording, then a live person comes on just to put me on hold for another 5 minutes before I get disconnected. The direct messaging function for other PF users stings. The messages or attachments cannot be recognized as a consult or lab result etc, only as message. lab or imaging orders that are still outstanding do not produce alerts. No shows do not produce alerts. Billing issues do not produce alerts. These factors make PF a glorified blog with minimal extra functions rather than a true EHR. Their attempts at assisting in clinical decision making fails. It is geared mostly for primary care physicians. ex: If the patients last BP was suboptimal, there will be an annoying banner to tell you the last BP was suboptimal. I'm a Nephrologist, patients with easy to control BP do not get referred to me, I don't need a distracting banner for this, or to remind me to ask patients if they have urinary incontinence, or screen them for HCV. You can bank on a reminder to screen for lipids when they get an advertising account from a statin maker. The fact that their previous CEO advertised that "PF is free and will always be free for providers", and now they are charging a monthly fee or will hold your charts indefinitely should tell you that PF is not a company to be trusted. There is a high likelihood of future drastic changes in cost or service since many clients are captive by the difficulties of changing EHR's.