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Organizations across the globe can use MyEasyISO to implement a robust and result oriented ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Customers for MyEasyISO are across 42 countries including USA, Europe.

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16 Bewertungen
  • 4.5 / 5
  • 4.5 / 5
  • 4.5 / 5
  • 4.5 / 5
  • 4.5 / 5


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    30 US $ per month for 2 users to 300 US $ per month for 25 users.
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    Installiert - Mac
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    24/7 (Live Vertreter)

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  • Effivity Technologies
  • Gegründet 2015

Über diese Software

MyEasyISO is a cloud based / on-premise software product developed on software as a service model. It aims to make ISO compliance simple, easy, quick, value adding, cost effective, collaborative and time saving.resulting in enabling an organization enhance Efficiency and augment productivity.It is aimed to ensure there are no multiple parallel systems in the organization which has historically been a phenomenon associated with ISO compliance globally. Offers 100% compliance to ISO requirements.

  • Abfallwirtschaft
  • Analytik
  • Arbeitssicherheits-Management
  • Archivierung & Aufbewahrung
  • Asbest-Inventar
  • Audit Trail (Prüfpfad)
  • Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement
  • Compliance Management
  • Data Mapping
  • Dokumentenmanagement
  • Einhaltung von Umweltvorschriften
  • Emissionsinventar
  • FDA-Compliance
  • Feedback-Nachverfolgung
  • Formularverwaltung
  • Gefahrstoffkontrolle
  • Geräte-Management
  • HIPAA-Compliance
  • ISO-Compliance
  • ISO-Standard-Management
  • Inspektions-Management
  • Instandhaltungsmanagement
  • Kollaboration
  • Korrektur-/Vorbeugungsmaßnahmen
  • Korrekturmaßnahmen (CAPA)
  • LieferantenQualitätskontrolle
  • Lifecycle-Management
  • Luftverkehrsmanagement
  • MSDS
  • Management für Geschäftsrichtlinien
  • Meldung von Verletzungen
  • Nachhaltigkeits-Management
  • Nachverfolgung von Nicht-Einhaltungen
  • OSHA-Compliance
  • OSHA-Protokollierung
  • Prozess-Erfassung
  • Prozess-Mapping
  • Prozess-Simulation
  • Prozessanalyse
  • Prozessmodellierung & Design
  • Prozessänderung-Nachverfolgung
  • Risiko-Warnungen
  • Risikomanagement
  • Sardanes-Oxley-Compliance
  • Sicherheitsrisikobewertung
  • Störfallmanagement
  • Tank-Inventar
  • Test-Management
  • Testen von Steuerelementen
  • Trainingsmanagement
  • Umweltmanagement
  • Umweltrisikobewertung
  • Verfolgen von Fehlern
  • Versionskontrolle
  • Wasserwirtschaft
  • Wirtschaftsprüfung
  • Wirtschaftsprüfung-Management
  • Wissensmanagement

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Nice tool to implement and certify your organization for ISO 9001 Standard

4 / 5
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
5 / 5

Kommentare: We started implementation of ISO 9001:2015 QMS in October 2016. We tried several software including MyEasyISO during our evaluation phase. We selected MyEasyISO as per preferred ISO 9001 software becuase of its simplicity, pricing and support provided. We were able to be productive with the system in less than 10 days and in 2.5 months we had our first internal audit conducted with certification audit just completed and we are successful with just one minor NC and 2 observations. We have now a completely paperless QMS with MyEasyISO. They also offered us complimentary pre-audit consulting free of cost which was a nice gesture from them. They are very pro-active in understanding needs of the subscribers and most of our recommendations were addressed in subsequent releases they had. I wish they offer custom forms and more visual representation in the software....we have already communicated this to them and i guess as always in next couple of months, this will also be taken care. Being into automobile field, we have very specific requiremments for risk identification, customer complaints, non-conformity and documentation management. All of these were perfectly addressed by MyEasyISO.

Vorteile: We tried around 4 different QMS software before finalizing MyEasyISO....they were probably the most comprehensive in terms of meeting all compliance requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard. The modules are in logical flow and arranged in a way our ISO consultant guided us for implementation. The quick setup wizard was also good in getting the basic setup done in a couple of hours.
Support was excellent and they have a TAT of 8 hours but in most cases either it was instant or less than 2 hours.

Nachteile: No option to create own forms.

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5 / 5
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
5 / 5

Kommentare: Our ISO implementation has simplified to a great extent after we deployed MyEasyISO. We have been certified for last 3 years and MyEasyISO ensured we were more productive and efficient in our compliance by reducing the amount of paperwork we were required to maintain. MyEasyISO was good in terms of the level of automation in offered and also support we received during initial signup and post purchase. They also offered us a dedicated ISO consultant to get us get best of the system and provide assistance at all the stages. We loved the Non-Conformance Module, Risk Module, Internal Audit Module and Customer complaints module. Also purchase, quality and operations modules offered as kind of template free ISO system and ensured we were ready for all of our ISO audits on a real-time basis. We are going to use MyEasyISO even for our group companies next month as they are offering attractive pricing plan for our multiple subscriptions and also free ISO consulting option. Recommended for all companies.

Vorteile: Simple user interface and workflow.
Meets almost all the requirements and compliance expected from our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.
We really saved a lot of time using MyEasyISO.

Nachteile: More options for service planning, tracking and real-time monitoring of shipments. If they offer sector specific MyEasyISO, it will be great.