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Any company wanting to increase the visibility into their business, by seamlessly integrating their existing ERP data to their new CRM system.

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    Starting at $7 per user(s) per month. Visit our sit for more details.
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We Provide a seamless solution for businesses that want to connect and integrate their ERP system data with their CRM system. We integrate your ERP data to your CRM in less than one week.

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  • Metadata-Management

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Beware of what you sign up for. The presentation is not an accurate portrait of the product

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Kommentare: After many many months of internal work we now have ERP data in salesforce but are paying a lot more money that was told to have it.

Vorteile: It brings over data from our ERP system into SalesForce. The President can make himself available, but the third party support obviously doesn't work for him

Nachteile: It brings over every field of every table. We had specific meetings about what package to choose so we don't exceed the data threshold. One year into the project and we are over. This is not surprising seeing that every field from every table is dumped. This is also how the data is displayed once imported. You will have to hide every meaningless field before using. To make matters worse there are some fields that don't move over without opening a support ticket with an Indian based company that does not work for commercial. I had extensive issues with the implementation that was beyond frustrating. The only thing that resolved it was conferencing the president into the meeting itself. Problems like dates being switched over to India time zones occurred almost routinely when opening a ticket for unrelated problems. This would result in more Tickets. Very important to know that using this product will almost certainly cause you to exceed your data limit with SalesForce as well. Both companies allow this data to exceed the limits until you are fully integrated (which takes months) before they hit you with the bad news. They will present you with a nice clean screen with just your important information on it during the presentation. The reality is you will have all fields that will need to be researched through your ERP system to just get the proper name. Example: You could have multiple fields that represent the shipping method.