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Any business or service which needs to analyse, share and sometimes update data, enabling the one or two crucial business processes to operate as desired rather than as dictated by ERP/IT systems.

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  • Entalysis
  • http://www.entalysis.com
  • Gegründet 2002

Über diese Software

Entalysis business intelligence and performance management solutions bring the expertise, methodologies, tools and analyses to run your business processes more effectively and more efficiently. Our solutions enable collaboration and teamwork, insightful analyses, optimised methods and fully-exploited data. With Entalysis, business processes function as ideally required rather than being hampered by any ERP/IT system constraints.

  • Ad-hoc-Analyse
  • Ad-hoc-Anfrage
  • Ad-hoc-Berichte
  • Benchmarking
  • Dashboard
  • Datenanalyse
  • Datenvisualisierung
  • Konsolidierung
  • Kostenplanung und Prognosen
  • Leistungskennzahlen
  • OLAP
  • Prädiktive Analytik
  • Qualitative Analyse
  • Quantitative Analyse
  • Rentabilitätsanalyse
  • Strategische Planung
  • Trend- / Problemindikatoren
  • Wertungslisten
  • Wertungslisten erstellen
  • Wichtige Leistungsindikatoren (Key Performance Indicators, KPI)